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Welcome to Forex Central, the one-stop resource for the online currency markets.

The goal of our site, from its original inception in 2003 was to provide an informative guide to the forex markets for the retail forex trader. Our focus is in providing a wide source of high quality forex information in a userfriendly format to help and educate the forex trader, or those interested in forex trading. We are an independent site with unbiased and accurate content.

With our recent re-launch, Forex Central now features Forex charts, rates, real-time commentary, tutorials and much more. We have also built up a directory of what we think are the best Forex related websites on the net today.

One of the new features of the site is the integration of Find-a-Broker (FAB), a database driven search engine that offers detailed information about Forex Brokers and their services. The sophisticated nature of the FAB enables traders to make advanced searches by keyword or criteria, providing highly targeted results.

The Forex Central Team

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