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Company name: Advanced Currency Markets SA (ACM)
Company description:  ACM is the most competitive online fx broker in the world. The full list of ACM advantages is available on advantages of trading with ACM.
Website Address:
Year of company's foundation: 2002
Customers: Private Investors, Banks, Introducing Brokers, White-Label Partners, Fund Managers, Financial Institutions.
Services: We offer highly competitive trading conditions in 27 currency pairs plus Gold/Silver. One click execution with no requotes and a choice of no less than 4 trading platforms!
Regulated by: SFDF(CH)
Headquarters: 50 rue du Rh�ne, 1204 Geneva.
Phone: +41 22 319 22 00
Fax: +41 22 319 22 01
Location: Geneva, Switzerland.   
Language: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian   
Minimum Investment: US$5000   
Min Transaction Size: 100000   
Maximum Leverage: 100 times (1% margin)   
System Type: A choice of 3 different platforms: Flash based Platform, Advanced Webtrader and Advanced Trader. Mobile Trading is also avaiable (see below).   
Account Currency: US$, Euro, Yen, Sterling, Swiss Franc   
Pip Spread: 2-3 pips in all Major currencies.   
Currency Pairs: 27 currency pairs plus Gold/Silver.   
Free Demo Account: Yes. To register for our Flash Platform Demo account Click Here, or to register for the Advanced Platform Demo account Click Here.   
Multi Product: Yes, Gold/Silver also tradable.   
Mobile Trading: Yes, The "Advanced Mobile Trader" enables you to access your account with your mobile phone, monitor your account, check prices and open and close positions.   
OCO / IF DONE Orders: Yes   
Guaranteed Fills: Yes, The price you click on is the price you're executed at, in other words, no slippage whatsoever.   
Guaranteed Stop Loss: Guaranteed fills on both limit and stop orders.   
Guaranteed Limit Orders: Guaranteed fills on both limit and stop orders.   
Trailing Stop Loss: Yes   
Flexible Trading: -
Equity Protection: Yes, For clients equity protection ACM liquidates all open positions on an account in the event that a negative result on those positions causes the specified 1% margin level to be crossed.   
Email Alerts: -
Real Time News: Yes, Streaming real time market news from "Market News International", a leading Froex news vendor.   
Forex Commentary: Yes, To view Free Daily economic events and commentary, and Technical/Fundamental reports avaialable on our website Click Here. Account holders have access to quality reports the usually require a paid subscription.   
Chart Trading: -
Trading Signals: -
Managed Forex: -
Online Funding: -
Promotions: -
Online Application: Yes, CLICK HERE to open account online.   
Dealer Chat: -
Pip Rebate: -
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