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Company name: E*TRADE Securities Limited
Company description:  E*TRADE is the global leader in online investing for Active Traders. E*TRADE Professional is a trading platform built by traders, for traders. It brings together the best in Forex, CFDs, Stocks, and Futures trading all in one easy to use platform.
Website Address:
Year of company's foundation: 1998
Customers: Mainly UK private investors.
Services: We specialise in: UK & US Equities, CFDs & Direct Access CFDs, Forex & Futures.
Regulated by: The Financial Services Authority (FSA), UK.
Headquarters: 42nd Floor, One Canada Square, Canary Wharf, London E14 5AA, England
Phone: 020 7516 1388
Fax: 020 7516 1400
Location: London, UK   
Language: English, German, French, Italian, Dutch/Flemish, Arabic   
Minimum Investment: �3000.00   
Min Transaction Size: 50000   
Maximum Leverage: 2% weekdays, 4% weekends.   
System Type: E*TRADE Professional is a platform that is downloaded to a specific PC.   
Account Currency: Euro, Sterling   
Pip Spread: 3 pips in Euro and Yen   
Currency Pairs: 108 currency pairs to trade.   
Free Demo Account: Test our trading plaform free for 20 days with a �100,000 virtual balance.   
Multi Product: Yes, One Platform -One Account: Forex, Futures and CFD's.   
Mobile Trading: -
OCO / IF DONE Orders: Ability to set up related orders or conditionally link orders such as 'If Done' and 'One Cancels the Other'.   
Guaranteed Fills: -
Guaranteed Stop Loss: -
Guaranteed Limit Orders: -
Trailing Stop Loss: -
Flexible Trading: -
Equity Protection: -
Email Alerts: -
Real Time News: Yes   
Forex Commentary: Free advanced technical analysis tools including Signal Seeker, market analysis reports, streaming news, charts and more.   
Chart Trading: -
Trading Signals: -
Managed Forex: -
Online Funding: Yes   
Promotions: -
Online Application: Yes   
Dealer Chat: -
Pip Rebate: -
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