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Company name: Western Capital Forex S.A.
Company description:  The Company Western Capital Forex S. A. was established in Geneva (Switzerland) in February 1990 as an investment advisor and financial markets analyst. Over the years the Company gained experience in market analysis as well as in managing funds for its own account and for various international clients.
Website Address:
Year of company's foundation: 1990
Customers: We have a global base of: Private investors, Institutional investors, Banks, Introducing Brokers.
Regulated by: OAR-G, Switzerland
Headquarters: 17 Bd des Philosophes 1205, Geneva, Switzerland
Phone: +41 22 320 03 03
Fax: +41 22 321 67 90
Location: Geneva, Switzerland   
Language: English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Russian, Hebrew, Polish, Greek   
Minimum Investment: $5000   
Min Transaction Size: 10000 units / 0.1 lot   
Maximum Leverage: 1:200   
System Type: In order to better service its clients Western Capital Forex S.A. is using the latest techniques and works with one of the best trading system on the market today: MetaTrader4   
Account Currency: US$, Euro, Yen, Sterling, Swiss Franc, Aussie   
Pip Spread: 2-3 pips in Majors   
Currency Pairs: Over 25 currency pairs   
Free Demo Account: Fully functional unlimited DEMO Account is offered. Click Here   
Multi Product: -
Mobile Trading: MetaTrader 4 Mobile, Click Here   
OCO / IF DONE Orders: Yes   
Guaranteed Fills: Yes   
Guaranteed Stop Loss: Yes   
Guaranteed Limit Orders: Yes   
Trailing Stop Loss: Yes   
Flexible Trading: -
Equity Protection: Yes   
Email Alerts: -
Real Time News: Yes   
Forex Commentary: -
Chart Trading: -
Trading Signals: -
Managed Forex: -
Online Funding: -
Promotions: -
Online Application: Yes, Click Here   
Dealer Chat: Yes   
Pip Rebate: -
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